i just learned that Darth Vader loved watching silly comedies.

May the farce be with you.

An old man is traveling to a far off land, but is arrested in a city named Runnia along the way.

The townspeople of Runnia are convinced that he was the murderer of Barth F. Bradley, the local butcher. Though there is not much evidence of the claim, a witness claims he saw the old man leave Bradley's shop on the night of the murder. The townspeople, who were always suspicious of strangers, cons...

What do you call an absurd comedic production that won’t end?

An unstoppable farce.

Brexit walks into a bar.

Barman: “Why the long farce?”

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Oscar Wilde walks into a bar with a large manuscript under his arm...

The bartender asks, "Why the long farce?"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔


A chicken is crossing the road late at night just outside a closing bar when he sees a rabbi, an atheist and a priest walk up to the bar. The bartender is just closing up when he sees the group approach his door. The rabbi goes first and knocks on the door.
Rabbi: "Knock Knock"
Bartender: "Who...

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