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What do you call a little person psychic that escaped the penitentiary?

A small medium at-large.

Damn girl, are you the wife of a convict serving a long term in a federal penitentiary?

Because you left before I even finished my sentence

After doing 50 years each in the penitentiary, Jim and Joe were finally free.

The first thing they did was head straight to a brothel. The madam noticing that both men were really old and half blind decided she would just pair them each with a blow up doll and hope they wouldn't notice.

After it all went down, the first man tells the other... "I got a bad one Joe, she...

Why did they decide to call a correctional facility a penitentiary?

Because calling it penetrationary would've ruined the surprise.

Prison Escape.

I was driving past my state’s penitentiary the other day when I noticed a little person climbing down the wall to escape.

I thought to myself, “huh, that’s a little condescending.”

My friend worked as a security guard for a prison.

He told me about the one time he was asked to escort a dwarf inmate on a flight to another penitentiary.

The story was very interesting but the only part I didn't like was how the prisoners flight landed.

It was little condescending.

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