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My brother told me a joke about spilled sewerage

It was a shit joke.

A mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and a building engineer are having a night out...

After a couple of drinks, they are having a chat about god,

The mechanical engineer starts:

"Have you noticed how brilliantly humans mechanics are designed. The joints and the drivetrain are so perfectly executed, that I think God must be a mechanical engineer."


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Jim and John are breaking out of prison.

Since the sewerage is the only way of getting out of prison, they decided to go through it.
- "John, jump in there and tell me how deep is the shit."
John jumps and screams:
- "They're to my knees."
Jim, happy enough because he's getting out of prison, jumps right after John's co...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An Engineer in Hell

One day, an engineer dies. He goes before St Peter and is told that he'll be spending eternity in Hell. So, he goes to Hell, looks around and says to Satan: 'This place sucks'.

The engineer gets to work building a functional fresh water system, air conditions the whole place, builds a sewerag...

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