peanuturticariapruritusasthmaantihistamineanaphylaxisanticonvulsantimmunotherapyisoproterenolcardiac arrestallergicacneillnessdiseasemalady

Why did the man with the peanut allergy die in prison?

He was sentenced to the nuthouse.

How do you cure a peanut allergy?

Give them peanuts

How can a Pb & Jelly sandwich make you sick even though you don't have a peanut allergy?

Lead poisoning

We just found out my little brother has a peanut allergy, which is very serious I know. But still I feel like my parents are totally overreacting

They caught me eating a tiny little bag of airline peanuts and they kicked me out of his funeral.

A kid finds a "can of peanuts" on his desk...

courtesy of his father, known to be quite the prankster.

"Very funny dad, not falling for that one again."

...A severe peanut allergy is a terrible affliction to cope with.


^^not ^^my ^^joke, ^^paraphrasing ^^homestuck ^^of [^^mspaint ^^adventures ^^page ^^1972](ht...

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