rustoxygenironhydrogencarbonyloxidizing agenthalf-reactionredoxhydroxideoxidizationoxidisationelectroncombustioncarbon dioxidenitrification

Why dont Demons fear oxidation?

Because there's no rust for the wicked

I used to know everything there was to know about metal oxidation...

... but now Iā€™m a bit rusty

One day there was a fire in a wastebasket in the office of the Dean of Sciences. In rushed a physicist, a chemist, and a statistician.

The physicist immediately starts to work on how much energy would have to be removed from the fire to stop the combustion.
The chemist works on which reagent would have to be added to the fire to prevent oxidation.
While they are doing this, the statistician is setting fires to all the other...

Some engineers were arguing about God.

One says, "God was clearly a mechanical engineer. Just look at the structure of the bones, how they're shaped to carry their loads without wasted weight, how the joints interlock to give free movement, how the muscles are optimally placed as actuators with the best leverage."

The second repli...

You know what really grinds my gears?


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