A farmer has four daughters named Betty, Mary, Flo, and Luck. who each have dates tonight.

He is overprotective about his daughters, and he fidgets with his shotgun a lot. He is also nervous about the boys coming to pick them up. He hears a knock on the door and opens it. There is standing one of the daughters dates.

The boy says,

"Hi my name is Teddy!

I'm here to pi...

All three of a farmers daughters are going on a date tonight. With him being overprotective he decides to meet each boy at the front door with a shotgun.

The first boy says: “Hi my name is eddy and I’m here to eat spaghetti with Betty” The farmer sends them on their way.

The second boy says: “Hi my name is is Tam and I’m here to pan gold with Pam.” The farmer sends them on their way.

The third boy says “Hi my name is chuck and I’m ...

I hear Clark Kent is quite the overprotective father.

His children are under constant supervision.

I don't get the deal with overprotective parents,

they clearly didn't use protection if they are parents.

I hate it when girlfriends have overprotective dads.

That's why I work at an orphanage.

I hear Superman is a very overprotective parent.

His kids are under constant super-vision.

I think elephants are overprotected

But I suppose it's easy for me to say that from my ivory tower.

A farmer has four beautiful daughters

He’s a bit overprotective of them, so when Friday date night rolls around, he greets the gentlemen callers at the door with a shotgun over his shoulder.

Friday night rolls around, and the doorbell rings, so he walks to it, shotgun in hand, and opens it to a young man who says:

“Hi, I’...

There were these 2 sisters

There were these 2 sisters named Lee and Ling. Now, when they were very young, their mother died, leaving them with only their names and their single father. Their father loved them very much and in all these years hadn't gotten over their mother. This made him very very overprotective of his daught...

There once was a farmer...

There once was a farmer who was very overprotective of his three daughters.

Turned out that all of his daughters had dates that same night. So he went on to the porch with his shotgun and waited for the dates to come.

The first boy came and said, "*Hi, I'm Freddy. I'm here for Betty t...

The Three Forbidden Tortures

A man's car breaks down and is forced to walk to the nearest phone for help. Unfortunately, being in the country, he ends up walking a ways before he finds a small farm. He knocks on the door and an old Chinese farmer opens the door. The man explains his predicament and asks to use his telephone ...

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