An European court banned parents from naming their kid Nutella.

They stopped a stupid name before it could spread.

What happens when you put Nutella on salmon?

You get *salmonella*

What's the secret ingredient in Nutella?

I'm nutellin' you.

Which world leader would you suspect of stealing all that Nutella?

My best guess is Nutella the Hun

where is the best way to hide a nutella?

i'm nutelling you

What do you call a new hire at a British bank?

The Nutella!

What did one robber say to the other after stealing 20 tons of Nutella?

Let's get the fudge out of here!

The glass of nutella has about 9870 calories.

But I don't care.I never eat the glass anyway.

[LONG]A boy and his Father drive through the Red District.

The boy sees two women on a street corner, he asks his dad : '' Dad what are they doing? ''

Taken aback by his son's question, the father replies : '' Humm, they sell... happiness...''

Later that day, back home, the boy hears his parents arguing. Sad, he gets an idea. The boy breaks hi...

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