Two boys were misbehaving... their mother went to the local priest to look for advice. The priest thought it would be best if the boys learned integrity, by way of understanding that "God is everywhere, and He sees everything you do so you shouldn't misbehave."

The mother and the priest thought it best that the priest talked to the boys, so the mother agreed to take the boys in one at a time to talk to the priest.

She brought the first boy (Ray) to the church and left the second boy (Jim) at home. She took Ray into the priest's office and stay...

A blonde and a brunette are talking about what to do when their children misbehave during Christmas The brunette says : "I wrap empty cardboard boxes and when a child acts up I toss one into the fireplace."

And then the blonde says : "What do you do when you run out of children?"

What do you call someone who misbehaves with feet?


My teacher randomly capitalizes letters on an assignment when someone misbehaves

It’s their capital punishment

What do you do when a rock misbehaves?

You hit rock bottom.

A young kid misbehaves in school

He is forced to write “I will not misbehave in school” 1000 times. This makes his hand very sore. When he is picked up, he complains “ my hand is sore”. His 14 year old brother reply’s “ yeah, well, it will be even more sore when you’re a teenager”.

I don't always misbehave in Vietmamese restaurants, but when I do I'm always afraid they're going to...

Bahn Mi

When I misbehaved, my father wouldn't spank me....

Instead, he'd ground me.

And then he'd run electric current through me.

A couple is going through a divorce and custody of the son comes into question.

The father presents evidence that the wife hits the poor boy whenever he misbehaves the slightest. The mother reveals evidence that the father would get belligerently drunk and use his belt on the boy.

The Judge suggests letting the boy live with his grandfather, but it turns out that almost ...

My Cat's name in Minton

when he misbehaves, he is Bad Minton

At the end of a comment a redditor put 'sorry for bad English'

Someone replied with "Your English is really good don't apologize"

Op responded with "English is my first language I'm just apologizing for misbehaved English people"

A woman walks down the street.

At the corner of the street is a three story white house with a large porch. A parrot sits in a cage on the porch by the screen door.

As the woman reaches the corner, she hears from the cage the parrot squawk "You're fat and you're ugly." The woman thinks nothing of it at first but again the...

When I was a kid I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant.

When I misbehaved my mom would make me eat a bunch of white bread. A gluten for punishment kind of thing.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Broken Promises

While my son was at the school yesterday he was acting up. The teacher called on him and asked, "Do you remember what you promised me?" The boy said, "Yes, that I wouldn't misbehave anymore." Then the teacher asked, "And do you remember what I promised you?" The boy responded, "Yes, that if I misbeh...

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