Did you hear about the English teacher who went to prison for so long she went through menopause?

She was most upset that there would be no period at the end of her sentence.

Why is menopause called menopause?

Because mad cow disease was taken

A doctor prescribed testosterone for menopause symptoms...

..and he told his patient to call him immediately if she had any ill side effects. Two weeks later the patient called her doctor:

Patient: “Doc, I am having some weird side effects from the testosterone treatment.”

Doc: “What’s the problem?”

Patient: “ Well, I’m in the shower ri...

For men, having a bad breakup is like going through menopause.

It sucks until you realize you don't have anymore girl problems.

My wife said I'm lucky because I don't have to deal with women issues; periods, birth control, menopause...

Yeah, but you get to live longer.

An elderly couple have been married for 60 years.

One day, out of the blue, the husband announces to his wife, “After living for so long and observing so much, I have decided that men have it worse in this world.”

The wife is clearly upset by his comment, and asks him to elaborate. So the husband continues, “Women start having periods during...

How do you know your fridge is going through menopause?

It's all out of eggs..

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Someone has told me that menopause is mentioned in the Bible Is that true? Where can it be found?

Yes. Matthew 14:92: "And Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Egypt "

I'm so old

Menopause happened right after the crustaceous period.

Maybe it's not global warming.

**Maybe it's just planetary menopause**

Why did the vampire couple divorce after 45 years?

She had reached menopause.

My psychiatrist explained why I was depressed

Doctor: I believe you are feeling isolated, lonely, and inadequate because your body is going through extreme hormonal changes. This is very common.

Me: Really? It's made me worried on top of everything else.

Doctor: I can recommend some medication to try and stabilize your hormones, b...

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