What's the difference between a jet engine and my wife?

The jet engine stops whining when it gets to Miami.

What did the propellor say to the jet engine?

I’m a big fan!

What was the inspector's opinion on the Jet Engine?

He was blown away.

Why does a jet engine turbine never sound like waltz?

Just because it is a huge metal fan.

I quit my job drilling ventilation holes in jet engines...

...it was just plane boring.

Remember: eagles may soar above the rest.

But a weasel hasn’t been sucked into a jet engine yet.

How do you turn $0.35 into $100 000?

Throw it into a jet engine.

A lead singer gets blown by a big fan backstage at the end of a concert and all the band members find him naked.

Group: Ewww! Get a room!

Singer: I would if you could fit three blades the size of a jet engine into my living room!

"I would like one Lotto ticket, please."

Upon reaching the counter at his local market our fellow says, "I would like one Lotto ticket, please." The woman behind the counter looks at him disappointedly. "You don't want a Lotto ticket."
Not dissuaded, the man says, "Yes I do. One Lotto ticket please."
"It's a fool's bet." The woman ...

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