If all people on Earth stood 6 feet apart along the equator...

... many of them would drown.

If the human population held hands around the equator...

A significant portion of them would drown

What do you get when you feel down near the equator?

tropical depression

If you took all the blood vessels in someone's body and laid them end to end along the equator

That person would die.

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Why did the nazi move to the equator?

He doesn’t like the poles.

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Bizarre Facts no One Knows

1. Most humans were born on their birthday
2. The distance from the Earth to the Sun is the same exact distance from the Sun to the Earth
3. A normal skeleton has enough bones to make an entire skeleton
4. If you took out all your veins and laid them out end to end, you would die.
5. The...

Curious fact: if all people of the world will stand in line on the Equator

Most of them will drown.

Fun fact of the day

Fun Fact: if every human stood in a single file line around the equator, most of them would drown

A polar bear who lived in the North Pole for 30 years decided he had enough of the cold.

So he started his trek towards somewhere warmer.

He rode a fishing boat to Canada and tried his luck there, but it was still too cold.

So he tried his luck again in Florida, but it was too hot.

Finally, he went to Ecuador and tried his luck there, only to discover how warm it is...

My friend wanted a non polar solvent for his collection that wasn't particularly toxic.

I told him to get some water from the equator.

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