Little Timmy is playing with a shape sorter.

After multiple attempts, Timmy starts getting frustrated while trying to fit a square block into an oval hole.

Timmy's father watches the sheer persistence of his son with a sort of wonder until Timmy screams,


Timmy's father, wishing to...

How can we get rid of the Electoral College?

Put Jane Sanders in charge of it.

Why was the electoral map feeling down?

It wasn't, it was feeling blue.

The electoral college needs to go away.

The tuition rates are out of control.

We the People

~~We the People~~ We the electoral college

The Patriots can still win...

By Electoral College votes.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Election was tied....

The US Presidential election of 2016 had been over for weeks. Every single ballot had been counted and tabulated, the Electoral College had cast their votes, and after every avenue had been exhausted, it was unequivocally a dead heat. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton turned to the Supreme Court...

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