Mom, what's an EKG?

Me: Mom, what's an EKG?

Mom (who's a nurse): It's an Electrocardiogram, it checks your heart for problems.

Me: Oh, so what's an ECG?

Mom: It's the same thing, just different letters.

Me: What about an EEG?

Mom: It stands for Electroencephalography, it checks your b...

A man is admitted to the hospital with chest pain.

The cardiologist orders a battery of test over the course of a week. While studding the patient's EKG he noticed that his heart rate was very erratic when his wife and daughter were visiting.

The doctor asked the man how his relationship was with his family.

Well I get along great with...

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A man and his wife are in a car accident.

The man is saved by the airbag, but the woman hits her head on the windshield and falls into a coma.

The man sits in the hospital waiting room day and night, praying for his wife to recover.

One day, while giving the wife a sponge bath, the nursing staff notices, when they wash her "pr...

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How men think...

A woman was in a coma in the hospital. One day a nurse was giving her a sponge bath, and as she was cleaning the woman's pelvic area, she noticed the EKG monitor reacting as she wiped around the woman's vagina.

Excitedly, the nurse called a Doctor, and told him what had happened.


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An old man is not feeling well, so he goes to see the doctor....

...accompanied by his wife. The doctor gives him a full physical, EKG, treadmill test, X-rays, the whole nine yards. When the exam is over and the couple is in the doctor's office, the doctor asks the man to step outside for a minute so he can talk to the wife.

"Your husband is gravely ill ...

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