If a Scottish person got just a little upset every time he was mistaken for his Gaelic neighbors...

...wouldn't that still make him ire-ish?

(This was my first joke I wrote a few years ago. It's bad, but I wanted to post it as a cake day commemoration. And then never tell it again :D)

A duck walks up to a corner store.

She asks the lady at the counter for some chapstick.

The lady asks “How do you expect to pay for that?”

The duck says “Could you put it on my bill?”

— A late commemoration to the 11^t^h Anniversary of the Duck Song.

After 40 years on the job, a mohel* is about to retire.

He's performed thousands of circumcisions and saved all the foreskins in a jar. He takes them to the best leatherworker in town and asks if he could do anything with them as a commemoration of his long career. "Sure, be back in two weeks."

Two weeks later the mohel returns, and the leatherw...

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