A cornea, a female sheep, a tire and a nerd walk into a haunted house

The cornea bounces in first, making plenty of noise all throughout the house, and leaves terrified and satisfied.

The female sheep prances in next, and terrified bleeting can be heard by all, before she leaves in fear.

The tire rolls in next, making loud, frightened rubbery noises insi...

I love jokes about the eyes

The cornea the better

The hospital taking too long to get a new cornea for my SO.

I need to find a faster wife-eye provider.

I know some pretty bad ear jokes

But eye jokes are cornea

Everyone tells me nose jokes stink...

but I think eye jokes are cornea

I was gonna make a joke about eyeballs but..

everything I came up with was extremely cornea

Doctor told me I have viral eye infection...

Must be the cornea virus

I’m a big fan of Eye jokes,

The cornea the better

Thought I would never find true love until a Chinese woman stole my heart,

And my kidneys, and my corneas, and my lungs.

Which part of the body makes the worst jokes?

The Cornea

What do you call a sore eyed joke?


I'd tell a joke about eyes

But nobody likes vitreous humor.

It doesn't get much cornea than this.

I'm getting sick of eye jokes.

They just get cornea and cornea.

The other day I went to get my eyes tested.

I am quite an anxious person and thought I would try to crack a joke to break the awkward silence.

'Would you like to hear a joke?' I asked

The optometrist replied 'Sure! The cornea the better.'

Eyes always tell the worst jokes

They're cornea.

My optician makes jokes each time I go

They get cornea each time.

My optometrist likes to make eye puns

they keep getting cornea and cornea

I had botched eye surgery recently and now I can't stop making puns...

My jokes are cornea than ever

I kept trying to think of puns about the eye during my biology lesson, when we dissected one.

To be honest, they kept getting cornea and cornea....

As far as ocular wordplay goes...

*Eye* can't think of a *cornea*-r pun than this!

Which profession has the worst sense of humour?

Well, chiropodists like *corny* jokes.
But opticians like them *cornea*.

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