A man walks into a Toy shop...

He walks up to a shop assistant and asks what Barbie dolls the store has as he needs a gift for his daughter, the assistant replies "Come with me and I'll show you". The store assistant brings the man to the Barbie aisle and says "we have a hairdresser Barbie for £20, a BMX Barbie for £35, a footba...

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3 men trying to get into heaven

The first guy goes up to St Peter.
"Peter can I get into heaven?"
He replies
"Have you been faithful to your wife?"
He says "yes yes of course! Every day of my life loved her til I died never looked at another woman once!"
St Peter says "that's great just what I wanted to hear. Here...

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The time I worked at a school for disabled kids

I stood at the front of the class and presented the children with a picture of a mountain bike and asked,
“What is this image of?”
“Mountain bike, sir”
“Well done mong number 1”

Then i showed a picture of a bmx and repeated my question.
“Bmx bike sir!”
“ That right! well done m...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Sex with the teacher

A guy gets home from work and asks his son about his day. The boy says, "Just like any other day, except that I had sex with one of my teachers."
The guy says, "Well, you're on your way to becoming a man. I'll buy you anything you want."
They went to the store and the boy pointed out a BMX bik...

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