What do you call an Italian baker who gives backrubs?

A Tira-masseuse.

What do you call a children's poet giving a backrub to a neckbeard?



A woman's husband comes home wasted every night and she always yells at him before going to bed alone. One day she decides to try some reverse psychology. When her husband staggers in that night, she's waiting for him in her best lingerie. She sits him in an armchair and gives him a backrub. "It's g...

A young girl asked her mother "mom, when you had me did you want a boy or a girl?

The mother responded "I wanted a backrub".

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Adam is relaxing in Garden of Eden when God suddenly appears in front of him

God: Hi Adam how goes? I´ve got something great in mind for you!

Adam: Hey old man.. what´s you got for me?

God: I call it a woman!

Adam: What´s a woman??

God: It´s a creature designed to be your partner and boy let me tell you what she does..

Adam: cool!


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