The best way to fight claustrophobia is to

Come out of closet

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I keep getting mixed up between claustrophobia and homophobia.

Which is the one about being in a closet?

My father had a weak heart and terrible claustrophobia.

He died at home, surrounded by his family.

Afraid of going to the airport (NSFW)

A very modest and shy fellow walks in to his doctor’s office. He tells the doctor that he is supposed to fly somewhere for a business meeting in a couple of weeks, but he’s terrified to go to the airport. The doctor explains the concept of “phobia” to the nervous fellow, and tells him that being afr...

What is the term for someone who is scared of Santa?


What Do You Call A Fear Of Getting Stuck In A Chimney?


The local drunk rushes into his favorite bar

The local drunk rushes into his favorite bar and yells at the bar man "Hurry up and give me a bear I got a scary feeling of claustrophobia"

The bar man goes "Claustrophobia? Do you even know what that means?"

The drunk responds "Oh look at this genius that knows everything, Claustropho...

As a kid I was told Santa would carry me away in his sack if I was naughty.

I guess this is how I got my claustrophobia.

Why doesn't Santa want to go down the chimney?

He has Santa Claustrophobia

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man is at the dentist for a root canal.

The dentist, picking up a syringe, moved toward the patient.

“WHOAAA! What’s that for?” Asked the patient

“Well, this injection will numb the area around your tooth and keep you from feeling pain during the procedure” explained the dentist.

“No way! I am deathly afraid of needl...

What is the scientific name for a child's fear of sitting on Santa's lap at the mall?


Why is St. Nick afraid of going down chimneys?


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