A Xenophobe walks into a bar...

...and asks the barman, "Do you serve Black Russians here?"

The barman replies. "No, we don't".

The Xenophobe exclaims, "Great! I'll have dinner here as well!"

What did the anti-immigration xenophobe say when he saw an alien saucer

'You! F. O.'

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A racist, homophobe and xenophobe walk into a bar

What can I get you Mr Trump?

An American, a Brit, a Canadian, a Dane, an Ethiopian, a Frenchman, a Greek, a Haitian, an Irishman, a Jew, a Kiwi, a Lithuanian, a Mongolian, a Nigerian, an Omani, a Peruvian, a Qatari, a Roman, a Scotsman, a Uruguayan, a Venezuelan, a Western Saharan, a xenophobe and a Zimbabwean walk into a bar

The bartender says
"Im sorry, but you can't come in here without a Thai"

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