What do you call a console collaboration by Sony and EA?

A Paystation

What cat was made by Sony?


I heard Sony’s coming out with a new console during the pandemic

It’s called the Plaguestation 5

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Sony created two new stereos.

One has good bass for black people to listen to rap music. The other has good treble for white people to listen to country.

Those are two stereo types.

Technics, Pioneer, Sony, Panasonic

Sorry - I shouldn’t make jokes about stereotypes

How many Sony and Microsoft fanboys does it take to turn on a lightbulb?

I don't know. They won't go near the Switch.

If the new SONY car ever breaksdown

You’ll have to Walkman.

You want know why there is a shortage of last generation GPUs?

Sony and Microsoft are buying them up to make the next generation of consoles coming in 2030

What's your favorite asian stereo type?

Personally, I love sony sound system with surround sound.

I’m renaming my kids Sony and Disney

Because they can’t agree on anything

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Chemical Analysis of Women

Item: Chemical Analysis

Subject: Women

Symbol: Wo

Discovered by: Adam

Atomic Weight: Average expected as 150lb, but there are known isotopes ranging from 100lb to 250lb.

Occurrence: Surplus quanti...

I believe in stereotypes.

Phillips, Sony, Samsung, the list goes on and on!

What are some good Asian stereo types?

I like Sony and Yamaha.

Why do Asians prefer Sony?

Because it's a stereo type

Sony. JVC. Panasonic...

there's just too many stereo types.

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What do you call a man cooking stir-fry in a Japanese technology company?

Sony wok man.

I went to the doctor and he said you have the blood pressure of a 14 year old kid

I said great. He said, not so great, a 14 year old *American* child. You got four months to live.

Kids are so fat these days the first letters they learn in the alphabet are not ABC, it's KFC.

Kids are so fat these days they use cheat codes to play Pokemon Go.

Kids are so fat th...

Sony have released a new camcorder

It was panned by the critics

Why did the boy stop using his Sony, his Boombox, and his Bose Radio?

He stopped believing in stereotypes.

So Kim Jong-un is claiming he personally hacked into Sony's servers in retaliation to them broadcasting a spoof interview.

Is there no end to this Olympic gold Medallist's

Why did Sony pull "The Interview" ?

They were afraid it would bomb at the movie theaters

A college professor asks all of his students to yell out stereotypes for a class project

For a class project, a college professor asks all of his students to brainstorm and yell out different kinds of stereotypes.

"All blonde girls are dumb!" yells a boy in the back.

"Sony!" Yells the blonde girl in the front.

North Korea wants to find out who hacked Sony. Might I suggest they hire the dream team of investigators OJ did to investigate his wife's murder.


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A Texas Redneck, Japanese Business Man and Mexican are standing next to each other on a cruise ship, looking over the edge of the ship.

After a period of silence, the Mexican takes out a nice bottle of tequila and throws it overboard, and says, “There is nice tequila like that all over Mexico, that bottle means nothing to me.”

In an attempt to one-up the Mexican, the Japanese man pulls out a brand new Sony laptop and throws i...

You think you've had a bad day?

One evening a father overheard his son saying his prayers "God bless Mommy, Daddy and Grammy. Goodbye Grampa."

Well, the father thought it was strange, but he soon forgot about it. The next day, the Grandfather died.

A month later the father heard his sony saying prayers ...

Maybe only ten percent of gamers will find this funny...

That's 1intendo.


Sony about that.


What do you call a weeb that plays video games?


My favorite stereo-types I know are asian ones.

Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc

What's big, black and steals you credit card?

Sony Playstation 3

What is the difference between a game console and a butchery?

One is a Sony Playstation and the other is a pony slaystation.

Stereo types exist for a reason.

Because not everyone wants a Sony.

There's only one stereotype I like


Why does no one own an Xbox in Pennsylvania?

Because it's always Sony in Philadelphia!

On the eighth day God said:

-Widescreen is the best for humanity. Sony 16:9.

Why did the chickens cross the road?

To get to their jobs at the Sony headquarters.

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