Apparently the tinnitus help line is down today...

...I tried calling but it just keeps ringing

I'm beginning to suspect that the Tinnitus Hotline isn't actually staffed

Any time I call, it just keeps ringing.

Just called the tinnitus hotline

It didn’t stop ringing

What kind of jewelry does a person with tinnitus wear?


I went to the doctor about my Tinnitus

He said it was all in my head

I heard this joke about tinnitus, but I forgot how it goes . . .

Is this ringing a bell for anyone?

I've always loved hearing the word tinnitus

It just has such a nice ring to it

I listened to All Star so many times it gave me tinnitus.

Now, my ears start humming and they don't stop humming.

I suffer from tinnitus and my least favorite letter in the alphabet is...


I used to work at the tinnitus support phone line, but unfortunately I had to quit...

...I just couldn’t stand the constant ringing in my ears.

Why did you name your son Tinnitus?

I don't know, me and my wife just thought it had a nice ring to it.

Want to propose but don't quite know how to make it special?

Give that someone special a ring they'll never lose: Tinnitus.

"With my sonic superpowers I shall call myself....



"Yeah! Doesn't it have a nice ring to it?"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My girlfriend got a letter in the mail.

"This has not been my week," she said to me downheartedly, "Just a few days ago I was diagnosed with dyslexia and now, according to this letter, I've got tiny tits."

"Tinnitus," I replied, "You've got tinnitus."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Great, so a week ago my doctor gave me a letter, which confirmed that I have dyslexia...

and now I've received one that says I have tiny tits.

Oh no wait, tinnitus.

Miracle cure

A plumber, a violinist, an astronomer and a redneck*, all suffering from various infirmities, were sitting in a convalescent home when suddenly an angel appeared. The angel spoke to them:

"I have come to give you the gift of health! Mr. Plumber, what is your ailment?"
The plumber answered...

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