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I saw a cicada last night.

The poor guy was just a hollow shell of his former self.

How do Cicadas know to wake up every 17 years?

They have Cicadian rhythm.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A guy goes into a record shop

and says "do you have any sound effects albums of insect noises? Crickets, cicadas, beetles, that sort of thing?"

Store guy: "yeah only this second hand vinyl, should be perfect though."

Guy buys the record but he's back to the shop within the hour, says "sorry mate this record is no...
AI Image Generator

Grace Hopper was known for discovering the first computer bug...

However in actuality, it was Ada Lovelace who discovered it. She found a 17 year cicada stuck in her programmable weaving loom. The insect was oddly discolored and wandering around haphazardly. She asked her friend, what kind of bug is this? And the friend said, it's a sick cicada, Ada!

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