The bar tender asks why the nonlinear storytelling?

Christopher Nolan walks into a bar.

Have you heard about the storytelling assassin?

He specializes in surprise endings

Question about storytelling.

If I stand on stage, with four spotlights behind me, no matter how I tell the story, is everything I do going to be four - shadowed?

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Three kingdoms border a lake in the shape of an obtuse triangle

One kingdom lies on each side of the lake. For decades, the king's had argued over it's true owner, each claiming to be the first kingdom to settle there, and many tales of magical swords and godly favours to claim divine right. Eventually, this storytelling and legal battling came to no conclusion,...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

We were watching the Megan Fox Ninja Turtle movie with my son.

And my wife says, "There seems to be a lot of girls hanging from things in this."
I replied, "It's the classic damsel in distress storytelling." Then I whispered, "Plus girls never let go of shit."
We both laughed and she gave me permission to share it.

A man was asked by his cousin to come with him to his hunting lodge...

With them was the cousin's hunting friends. As it was raining the first day, and since none of them didn't feel like spending a whole day out in the wet, they decided to stay inside.

After a while the man got bored and asked his cousin if they couldn't do anything.
The cousin said: "Well,...

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