I heard the ladies really like a good stir fry.

You can tell by the way I use my wok, I'm a woman's man.

I got fired from my Job at Panda Express for forwarding pictures of bad stir fry.

My boss said I should have labeled them Not Safe For Wok

How does Walter White make a stir fry?

With Ricin

What do the inhabitants of Endor use to cook their stir frys?

An Ewok

A Man is running from the police...

...In New York City. He decides to cut through a Chinese restaurant to try and get away faster. After running through the dining area, he get to the kitchen where he runs into a chef making stir fry. Angrily, the chef yells at him, "Hey!! I'm Wok-ing here!!"

While cooking dinner this happened.

I was making stir fry and opened a bag of peas. One pea gets lose and rolls off the counter. It was like slow motion as I watched it hit floor and roll under the stove. I turned to my wife who also witnessed the incident and said: "We have an escape pea." ...got a laugh

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