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I used to be one of the best fluffers in porno, but eventually, I had to step down.

The competition was too stiff.

C, E, and G walk into a bar, just as E took a half step down the entrance

The bartender shouted, "NO MINORS ALLOWED!!"

An engineer, a physicist and a mathematician spend the night in the same hotel.

At midnight, the engineer is awakened by the smell of smoke. He takes a step down the hall and sees a small fire. Thinking fast, he dumps his wastebasket, fills it with water, and puts out the flames. Satisfied, he goes back to bed.

Later on, the physicist is also awakened by the smell of sm...

Juan Joke (Really Long)

There's a man named Juan. He's a good man, he doesn't beat his wife, doesn't beat his kids, doesn't beat the armadillo in his yard, he's kind to his neighbours and he takes care of his mother. He goes to work one day and his boss says, "Juan, I know that you're a good man, you don't beat your wife,...

How to lose weight in one step?

Step 1: step down from the weighting machine

Trump and Obama - oldie but goldie

It's time for Obama to step down. As a final duty Obama gives Trump the combination to the office safe and tells him, "There are three envelopes in there labelled "1", "2", and "3". If you end up in trouble, open envelope "1". He says his goodbyes and rides off into the sunset.

A couple of we...

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There were two nude statues...

There were two nude statues, man and woman, standing across from each other in a secluded park. A few hundred years after they've been put in place, an angel fluttered down to them. A wave of his hand, and suddenly the statues had been given flesh, and they step down from their pedestals.


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Little Johnny

One day little Johnny's mom sees him standing on the stairs holding a cat and a bag of skittles.

Little Johnny eats a couple of skittles and bites the cat then takes a step down the stairs.

"What are you doing little Johnny?"

"I'm playing trucker! Popping pills, eating pussy and...

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