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What's the worst part about being a pedophile?

Trying to fit in

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My girlfriend's father called me a pedophile just because she's 22 and I'm 36.

Completely ruined our 10-year anniversary.

Did any of you hear about that pedo music teacher?

The one who broke a G string while fingering A minor.

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I came out my front door this morning to see my neighbour frantically trying to scrub off the word "PEDO" that had been spray painted on his front window.

"What's been going on John?"' I asked.

"Fucking kids," came his mumbled reply.

Dirty bastard.

What do the dark web and submarines have in common?

They're both home to Tor-pedos.

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2 pedophiles are sitting on a park bench when an 11 year old boy walks by...

One pedo leans over to the other and says "boy he must've looked good back in the day"

A man (37) and his wife (19) go to a restaurant to celebrate their marriage.

They received some disapproving glances at first. Later, the people started calling the husband “pedo”, “pervert” and “sick” and shamed the couple for the age difference.

Completely ruined their 10th anniversary.

You don't have to be good at anagrams

to see that Pope Benedict is an Epic Bent Pedo.

How can you spot a Jewish Pedofile?

He's the guy in the creepy van rolling up to kids and asking "Hey kids, you want to buy some candy?"

A pedo and a little boy walk into the woods....

The boy, crying and hesitantly following the pedo says "Mr, can i go home? Its dark and im scared."

The pedo looks at him in disbelief and says, "imagine how i feel, i have to walk home alone."

Adventures Of Pedo-Sherlock

How would you like your school girls today, Mr. Holmes?

-Elementary, my dear Watson.

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What do you call a folder of child pornography?

A pedo-file.

What do you call a folder on FBI's servers that contains all the intel on known child molesters?

A Pedo File.

We hired a teenage girl at my hardware store

I was showing her around the aisles when I picked up something off the shelf and pointed it at my self and made a beeping sound.

I said, "This is a stud-finder" and laughed.

She pulled up her sleeve, showed me her FitBit and made a beeping sound. She said, "This is a pedo-meter."

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A pedophile and an 8 year old are walking into the forest..

The kid says to the pedo, "I am scared"

The pedo replies, "You're scared?? I have to walk back alone!"

I wore a pedometer for a week.

Good news -- I'm not a pedo.

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