An elderly man and his wife are losing their memory

An elderly man and his wife are losing their memory. Fearful that they may be developing early signs of dementia, Alzheimers, or the like, they speed off to their doctor. The doctor gives them a thorough examination and says, "Honestly, you are both in great shape and should take pride in your physi...

Why was the JavaScript developer sad?

Because he didn't Node how to Express himself

A guy walks into a bar..

He sits down and strikes up a conversation with the bartender
"hey, wanna make a bet?"
The bartender shows some interest
"What's the bet?"
The guy tells the bartender "if I can ask myself a question and answer it, you have to give me a free drink"
The bartender looks at the guy stra...

What Do Sound Waves Say To Girls They Meet Online?

Send nodes.


A Pakistani boy took admission in an American school ...

Teacher : Whats your name ?

Boy : Nadir

Teacher : No, now you are in America, your name is nodee from today.

Boy went home and his mother asked: How was the day Nadir?

Boy : I am an American now, so call me n...

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