My nerf gun bullet reminds me of my father

Both disappeared after I've played with them

Little Mikey

Little Mikey Tomlinson loved his school. He lived in a little fishing village and his mom was the school teacher. The school had a tradition. If it was your birthday you got to choose the fish for lunch and any toy you wanted from the toy chest. For months he had his eye on a replica AC cobra hot wh...

I guess I need a nerf...

... every time I post people refer to me as OP.

Haven't played chess in a year

Did they nerf the queen yet?

Reddit really needs to nerf me

Everyone says I’m OP

Two foam darts to the head is plenty...

But one is a Nerf.

Please stop making jokes about COVID! I lost both my parents in law due do this pandemic.

My wife divorced me after i spend our holiday budget on a PS5 and a collection of NERF guns

What doesn't Princess Leia like toy guns?

Because the Nerf hurt her.

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