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What did Odin say when his wife had a son?

Ah Frigg

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Odin and Thor were walking through a canyon with a large group of warriors when Odin stopped Thor and signaled him to be quiet and listen.

After a moment, Odin shouted into the wilderness, “IS THAT YOU, VAL?”

Thor stood waiting and listenin, then whispered, “All-Father, I didn’t hear anything.”

Odin replied, “I thought I heard Val holla.”

Thor listened again. “What did Val say?”

Odin replied, “It was just...

How can you tell Odin's sons apart?

Thor has long, golden, amazing hair.

His brother is Balder.

Why did Freya leave Odin?

because she ain't no Valhalla-back gurrl!

Why was the son of Odin Thor?

He sat down without his asgard

How do you spell odin?

With one eye

Wednesday and Thursday were named after the Norse Gods Odin and Thor...

And if you really enjoy facts about Norse Gods then today is your Loki-day!

When the Son of Odin beat on the Hulk with Mjonir...

It didn't actually hurt me too bad, the Hulk thought. Especially when the God of Thunder hit him in the back, it was rather like a Swedish massage. So the Hulk let Odinsson whale away. Why did he do this?

Because he was Thor.

What's the difference between Odin and his brother Vili?

"Odin" has one less "i".

A viking walks to the gates of heaven

After dying a heroic death, the viking finds himself at the gates of Heaven.

God asks the viking whether he has afterlife insurance, and the viking nods.

However, God stands there confused for a moment but then tells the viking that he has the wrong kind of insurance and that the he w...

Whenever I win a competition people call me boastful and arrogant. But how can I be Low Key...

When I'm not the son of Odin.

Benny the Bare Faced Viking

Benny was your typical Viking..
Strong, tall, courageous, he was the ideal viking in every way, except for one..
See Benny couldn't grow a beard, for all his 30 winters on Earth, he still had just as smooth a face as the day he was born.
This bothered Benny, because when he was out pillag...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔


Odin and Thor are having a conversation between battles in Valhalla one day, and Thor is explaining how he's jealous of humans.

He says, "We battle all day every day, and it's great, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on the things humans enjoy, like sex."

Odin tells h...

Why wasn't Thor invited to his brother's surprise party?

Odin wanted to keep it 'Loki'.

What do you call getting a movie about Norse gods from the Internet?


What do you call getting a movie about Norse gods from the Internet illegally?


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