Thai-English bilingual Nintendo joke

What does a Thai man say when he can't find the coffee mug from which he always drinks while customizing his avatar on his Nintendo Wii?

*Mai mii khap!*

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two Japanese people get married.

They have a baby boy.

A few years later the wife and child both get the same illness. So the husband takes his wife and child to the hospital.

He asks the doctor: “What’s wrong with Mii?”

The doctor replies: “The same thing that is wrong with Yew.”

I really love playing my Nintendo Switch on the bus during my commute to work.

Ensures plenty of Mii time.

Luigi invites Mario over to play some Nintendo Switch... they get ready to fire up some Smash Bros. Mario notices Luigi has a new avatar.

Mario asks, "Say, Luigi, what kind picture is that?"

Luigi says... "It's a Mii, Mario."

What do you call a Nintendo character that looks like a minion?

Despicable Mii

I was going to make a Nintendo joke...

But it was a Wii too hard for Mii to think it up...

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