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Why did the latino man go to the therapist?

To talk about hispanic attacks.

I was about to be hit by a bus and a Latino saved me.

That is why Jesus is my Savior.

Latinos calling me papi

But they get weird when I call them papa?

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So a black guy and a Latino guy and an Asian guy are all walking together!

A man walks up to them with a knife and says “if your dick sizes don’t add up to 20 inches, then you’re all getting stabbed”. The black guy pulls it out and it’s 12 inches. The Latino guy pulls it out and it’s 7 inches. The Asian guys pulls it out and it’s 1 inch. The man with the knife says “you’re...

A Latino gang member has received poor customer service at the railway station, so he vandalised one of the train engines in revenge.

It was a loco motive.

So a latino man and his friend decide to go to a baseball game together.

He made it a point to be there very early so that they wouldn't miss the singing of the star-spangled banner as it was his favorite part of any sporting event.

As they're waiting for it to be sung his friend asks him out of curiosity, "hey man, why is this your favorite part of the game?" And...

I asked my Latino friend if Mexicans are offended by all the talk of building a wall on the southern border...

He said, "Eh... we'll get over it"

What is a Latino's 3rd favourite dinosaur?


What do you call a Latino who can pick locks?

El Solve-a-Door

The real reason I stopped smoking with Latinos.

The other day I asked this dude if he had some papers, he didn't say a word and just took off down the street as fast as he could. Some people are so damn stingy man.

A latino goes to a vending machine

He gets a soda for 75c. He puts in 65c. The machine says "dime", so he whispers quiero una pepsi porfavor

A Latino was standing in line for a long time

While waiting for a Super-Deluxe Juicinator 9000TM, A Latin man was casually strumming a small ukulele to pass the time for the sale.

After a couple of hours, the man is at the counter with 3 other people nearby; one has AirPods, the second is uncomfortably close to the counter, while the th...

Why can't Latinos play Uno?

They take all the greencards.

A Latino couple have two twins

One is named Juan, and the other is named Jamal. The mother is ecstatic because she had a pair of beautiful twins. However, they can only afford to raise one. After much debate between the mother and father, they decide to give up Jamal for adoption and to keep Juan. Many years go by. One day, the m...

What do latino supremacists join?

The Que Que Que.

Been reading a fascinating memoir about Latino street culture.

It's a collection of esés.

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A Latino shot an unarmed black man today, and everyone is in an uproar

Especially the police, saying "They took our jobs!"

How many Latinos does it take to do a wax job?

A Brazillion!

How did the Latino girl get pregnant

Her teacher told her to do an essay

What do you call a Latino whos car got nicked?


What did the Latino say when two houses fell on him?

..get off me homes.

What game console do Latinos use most?


Why did the illegal latinos all fail their English classes?

They didn't turn in their esés.

There was a Vietnamese family with two daughters of marrying age

Now in these modern times, their parents were open to interracial marriages but wanted their daughters to maintain something of their heritage.

The first daughter meets a Latino Businessman named Jose Juan. She falls madly in love and they announce their engagement

The second daughter ...

A true american hero.

A young woman is attacked by what apppears to be a rabid stray dog. Before the dog can injure her further, a young man steps in and starts fighting with the dog - Unfortunately though he is forced to kill it. Shortly after, a police officer who has been watching the scene rushes over.


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A Black, a Jew, a Mexican, and a Bigot are sitting on a park bench.

The black guy notices an old oil lamp under the bench and rubs the dirt and dust off of it when POOF! A genie comes out of it. The genie says "thank you so much, I have been in that lamp for 2000 years, I am so grateful that I will grant you each one wish." The black guy says "I wish that all black ...

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This is for my people!

Once upon a time, four men were on top of a building.

One was Latino, one black, one white, one Native American.

They stepped up together and climbed up on to the ledge.

The crowd, gathered below, hoped no one fell off the edge.

Suddenly, the Latino raised his arms an' ye...

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A beautiful woman comes to see the doctor...

and the doctor´s jaw drops. He has never seen anyone so beautiful. The woman was a hot latino chick and the doctor got an idea.

"I am sorry, but I think we need to do some tests. So, take off your shirt, please."

The doctor starts to squeeze the woman´s breasts, and asks:

"Do y...

There's three guys stranded on an island

A black guy, a white guy, and a latino guy. The water is absolutely filled with crocodiles and the only way off of the island is to jump across three crocodiles backs. The black guy volunteers to go first. He jumps on the first crocodiles back and it flips over and eats him. The white guy having...

Map jokes

How do you get around in Italy? You Rome.
Why does everyone love Thailand? They Bangkok.
I Congo to Africa, Kenya?
Why do the French take there time? They hate to Russia
What's the unhappiest state? Misery
Who are the unhappiest Europeans? The Hungary ones.
Why are the so many Subw...

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