I tried to use the password "beefstew" for my iTunes account.

But Siri said it wasn't stroganoff.

What did Darth Vader do when his iTunes stopped responding?

He force quit.

iTunes must’ve made a mistake

It doesn’t have you listed as the hottest single.

Listening to your wife is like reading iTunes' user agreement...

... you don't understand anything, but you still agree with it.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Apple are finally allowing porn on the itunes store

now there's a fap for that

I just named my iPad "The Titanic"

...so when it syncs, iTunes tells me "The Titanic is syncing."

Topical Jokes for 10/21

(for best results, read in the voice of your favorite late night host)

NASA scientists are preparing for a mission to Mars by spending eight months in Hawaii. After eight months in Hawaii, the scientists will then go on a well-earned vacation.

...the Hawaii mission will help astronauts...

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