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The doctor said, "To address the inflammation, try rubbing your joints."

I'd rather just use a lighter.

What do you call it when a dog has chronic inflammation in its joints?


My aunt told me don’t blink because life goes by so fast

She now suffers from severe eye inflammation

It's pretty strange, doctors are now prescribing cannabis for arthritis sufferers...

I mean, the definition of arthritis is "inflammation of the joints"

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Politics and Vaginas

Politics is an anagram of colpitis, this is an illness that results in inflammation of the vagina. Guess this is why politicians are irritating twats.

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Place urine sample here for diagnosis. [Long Joke]

A man walks into a doctor's surgery with a sore elbow. The receptionist tells him there is a one hour wait, so he sits down in the waiting area and starts looking around sheepishly and wondering whether his minor problem is worth such a wait for a diagnosis.

In the corner of the room he notic...

The Seagull and The Octopus

There once was a seagull with sore feet. He had been perching on a seaside railing all day and was starting to get blisters. He had tried going swimming, but the salt water seemed to irritate them and make them worse. He had tried flying, but he soon got so tired that he had to stop. He was in agony...

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