A driver gets caught in a long tailback and, after not moving for forty minutes, sees a patrolman approaching.

He asks what the holdup is and the policeman says "About a mile up the road there's Donald Trump on a soapbox. He says he's sick and tired of the ingratitude of this goddamn country and if he doesn't get five million dollars to continue his fight to overturn the election result, he's going to drench...

A person was walking in a dark alley one night

When suddenly, a mugger appears from behind a dumpster.

"Give me your phone and your wallet! This is a holdup"


"Wait! No! I'm just robbing you!"

"It was only a suggestion."

I was going to meet Atlas but I had to wait a long time...

After finally being invited to see him, I asked, "what's the holdup?"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Honeymoon hunting trip

Olga and Sven got married. To save money they went to a lodge that just happened to have hunters that same weekend.
There they were, riding along Olga, Sven, and the hunters, when the bus got a flat. Sven whispers to Olga: "You want to start the honeymoon now?"
Olga says:"We better wait t...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Genie in a bottle joke&

A constipated man, with a bad marijuana habit, discovered a genie in a bottle. When the genie granted the man one, and only one, wish, he stood there thinking for about 5 minutes. Finally, the genie said, "Look, what's the holdup, I don't have all day", the man responded " I can't decide whether t...

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