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Always hire guys named "Ferdinand" for forestry work.

A Ferdinand is worth two in the bush.

damn girl Are you a forestry major

Cause I wanna take a DBH measurement

Turns out there are TWO Loch Ness Monsters. One of them is quite mean, but the other actually gives away his forestry tools.

A little weird, sure, but it's always nice to see some random axe of Kind Ness.

A new app for forestry...

As a pretty techno savvy guy studying forestry in the U.K., I'm always on the lookout for new apps relating to forestry.

Needless to say, I recently found this great app for foresters who need help with felling trees. It's quite simple, they can upload images of trees/woodlands which need fel...

The FBI, CIA, and Los Angeles Police get into a bragging war about their tracking skills.

To settle the matter they agree to a contest between their best units. Whoever can track down an elusive white rabbit in a ten thousand acre forest wins the contest.

The FBI organizes a vastly complex operation with dogs, forestry experts, sharpshooters, the works.

The CIA takes sate...

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