I’ve got my corduroy pants, my corduroy shirt, and my corduroy hat...

One more piece of clothing and I’ll be one whole Roy!

Hey did you hear about those corduroy pillow cases?

They're making *headlines* everywhere!

I just invented corduroy pillows

My friends tell me I’m stupid but I think they will make headlines worldwide

Did you hear about the Corduroy pillows in the news?

They’re making HEAD LINES! (my mom told me this one today after I got home from work)

My girlfriend and I used a corduroy condom for the first time last night...

It was a groovy kind of love...

What is Helen Kellers favorite color?


Why do hippies like corduroy?

Because the material is so groovy.

Confucious say

He who sleep on corduroy pillow make headlines

What's Stevie Wonder's favourite colour?


Bob the Sailor & Ollie the Octopus walk into a bar...

Bob the sailor walks into a bar carrying a large octopus. He announces to the bar that this octopus can not only talk, but he has a very unique talent which he will share with the crowd for $50 a turn.

Bartender says "There's no way that octopus can talk."

"Sure he can. Ollie, tell the...

I don't even fully own my favorite pair of pants

They're 3/4's mine and a corduroys

IKEA made headlines today...

...due to their new range of corduroy pillowcases

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