"I'm so sorry, my dog ate my homework." Rolling his eyes, my computer science professor shot back, "Really?! Your dog ate your coding assignment?"

"Well, to be perfectly honest, it did take him a couple bytes."

Do you know who's bad at coding?

Non-Binary people.

What do you call a granny who is good at coding and beer pong?

A Brogramma

What is coding called on Tatooine?


I recently entered a computer coding competition.

I took home the gold with 0th place!

Coding humor

99 silly bugs in the code,
99 silly bugs,
Pass one down,
Patch it around,
127 silly bugs in the code!

My dog ate my coding homework.

Took him a couple bytes.

What did the HTML coding dog say?

Href Href!

Her: I love coding

Me: U R 2 6 C i 1 2 4 Q

Her: i 1 2 1/2 6 w/ U, 2

Why are writers really good at coding?

Because they are really into Pro grammar.

My coding professor did a lecture about recursion.

It got nowhere. It got nowhere. It got nowhere. It got nowhere....

Why do LGBT people dislike coding?

It's binary

Just developed an app that let's me condense really long paragraphs into a couple of lines.

I've always struggled with being able to express myself in fewer words and hence had to find something that would help me So I booted up my pc and got to coding until I finally did it! I successfully created an app that reads through all my typed and creates the most optimal sentence to summarise ev...

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