Why don't chameleons get hit by cars?

They always look both ways.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

[At the chameleon store]

Me: Do you have any chameleons?

Clerk: I have no fucking idea

Why are chameleons good in smoothies

Because they blend in really well

I wonder how many chameleons....

snuck onto the Ark?

Two Chameleons walk in a gym.

The first one says “Spot me, bro”

The second goes “Who said that?”

Fun Fact: A male chameleons tongue is 1-1.5 times their bodies length and can fire in & out really fast.

Another fun fact: female chameleons are very happy.

A man walked into a pet store

A man walked into a pet store and asked a worker
“do you have any chameleons here?”
The worker responded:
“I don’t know”

[OC] What have repost bots and Boy George got in common?

They're karma chameleons.

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