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So Marvel and Ikea decided to do a crossover series. Marvel replaced the "Suit up" catchphrase with...

..."Avengers Assemble".

What was the Jokers catchphrase during the prohibition?

We live in a sobriety

What’s Racist Matthew McConaughey’s catchphrase?

all white all white all white...
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What's the catchphrase of the Typing Revolution?

Viva la fonts.

What is an Italian Terminators Catchphrase?

Pasta la vista, baby.

I think my new Simpsons shirt is a knock-off

It says “don’t halve a cow, man”.

They really butchered the catchphrase.

So Hulk became a Muslim...

He changes his catchphrase from 'Hulk Smash!' to 'I Slam!'

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the age of seventy one is to star in a new Terminator film later this year,

They have changed his catchphrase slightly though, to...

"Ah, me back."

I'm writing a Bollywood take on a spy movie, about a taxi driver who's really an undercover agent.

His catchphrase is, "the name's Shaw - Rick Shaw".

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