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A drunk stumbles into an upscale bar on a slow night.

A drunk stumbles into an upscale bar on a slow night. He asks the bartender for a drink and says, “I can’t pay you, but I’ll play you a song on that piano.” The bartender says what the hell and gives the man a shot of cheap whiskey. To his surprise, the drunk sits down at the piano and plays one of ...

Saturn is a really catchy name for a planet.

It has a ring to it.

What is a catchy Girl's name?

Answer: Annette

What kind of music should you listen to when you're fishing?

Something catchy!

Wanna hear a song about Covid-19?

It's pretty catchy.

The iPhone 7 ad has a catchy song...

Hit the road Jack

Phew, don't have to think of a catchy title today

Why is Monica so exited for the next Clinton presidency?

This time she won't have to swallow.

I literally just wrote a song about the Coronavirus, but I will never let anyone hear it.

It’s too catchy. It’ll be with you for weeks.

Wuhan Flu was renamed COVID19 but I think Wuhan Flu is a more appropriate name...

It's more catchy.

I listened to a song about the common cold...

It's very catchy.

A red-headed man walks into a bar carrying a pair of clippers.

He stands in the middle of the barroom floor and proceeds to cut all the hair from his head, clipping it tight and short, as close as possible to the skin, all the while humming and singing catchy little songs to himself.

After he finishes he nods to the barman, bows to a man at the bar and ...

An Imagine Dragons song is like syphilis.

Catchy, but not really good.

I don't think my wife will ever talk to me again.

Look, I have a great nostalgia for the 90s. I listen to the music all the time. And my favorite band of all time is Barenaked Ladies.

So, of course, that's what has been on my playlist on repeat. I can't help it, the songs are so catchy! I think though that she's had enough.

"I am so s...

Eminem's "8 Mile" wasn't very well received in Canada

I guess the title "12.8748 Kilometer" just isn't as catchy.

I really love the names Chloe, Mary, and Lydia, but I couldn’t choose my favourite when my daughter was born

So I combined them and got Chlamydia. It’s just so catchy!

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