Why do born again Christians like to play hide and seek with Jesus?

Because they keep finding God

A young man becomes a born again Christian after reading a religious flyer at his college.

He doesn’t initially tell his girlfriend, justifying the embarrassment as natural to any young infant in the faith. But in the following weeks his commitment escalates dramatically, and he takes up a position as a Christian missionary to Uganda.
One day the dreaded phone call wakes him up. Ob...

A man dies and is greeted by Death

Death explains that Hell and Heaven do exist however only for a small amount of time before they are born again.

Death says "You will be spared from going to hell. You are soon going to be born to a poor Chinese family."

And as he said that, there was a slight rush of wind and the man ...

A choir boy goes to confession...

He says, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned."

The priest asks, "What is your sin, my child?"

"I've had carnal knowledge of a girl, Father."

"My son, it is good that you have confessed this to me but wasting your innocence on these base acts is a sin. In order to fully redeem ...

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