What do you call an archaic human that wanders about aimlessly?

A Meanderthal.

The Talking Horse

Once upon a time
There was a prince who wanted to marry a princess of a neighbouring country..

The king was known to have just one condition for this,
To impress him with something the proposer owned..

Many princes, kings and even a few renowned collectors failed to do so, and w...

The Night's Watch can ramp up the number of new recruits by...

...ditching its archaic name in favour of something hip like Snow Patrol.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So my wife asked me to more to be assertive at work...

So the next day of work one of my coworkers started spouting about his religion again, and I was getting a bit tired of it, so I started going at him, calling his religion archaic and phony. It was all going well until he got really pissed and started choking me, I knew he was going to get away with...

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