The university president was inconsolable when the wing housing social sciences and languages burned down.

"Oh, the Humanities!" he cried.

Young man fresh out of college gets a job at a factory

When he arrives he surprised that he is assigned as junior janitor. Shocked he asks for the manager who hired him. “Didn’t you read I have a double major in Social Science and Anthropology”

“Oh” says the man, “ I must have missed that. OK let me explain. Lift the mop up and put in the bucket,...

Never joke with an Engineer

*Never Joke with an Engineer :*

Engineers Can Prove Anything For *10 Marks*

Question : *Prove : PAPA = MAMA.*

Medical Doctor : *”Out Of Course”*

Chartered Accountant: *”No Way”*

Barrister: *”Cannot Be Proven”*

Social sciences: *"Not in this world,"*


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