I just moved to Seoul to work for Samsung

It is my biggest Korea move yet.

Why is Kim Jong Un heartless?

Because he has no Seoul.

Why North Korea falling in love with South Korea?

Because South Korea has a beautiful Seoul

Seoul, Korea is a very beautiful place.

There’s a Park everywhere I look!

Just turned down a job offer to work in Seoul.

I think it would be a bad Korea move.

If I was to visit just one capital city it would be Seoul.

If I decided on another one, that would be Dublin. And if I added a third it would be Tripoli.

What do you call a Korean entrepreneur?

A Seoul proprietor

I finally married my Korean wife whom I met in a penpal site few years ago..

She's my Seoul mate.

What's a popular music genre in South Korea?


[LIGHTLY POLITICAL] North Korea is a horrible nation to its citizens, why can't it be more like South Korea?

Because North Korea has no Seoul.

Why is the North Korean dictator so evil?

Because he has no Seoul.

My wife is Korean

She's my Seoul-mate

My Korean girlfriend broke up with me

I guess she'll never be my Seoul mate.

Why are North Koreans always sad?

Because they are Seoulless

I start a new job in Seoul next week...

...I thought it might be a good Korea move.

Why does Kim Jong-un keep attacking South Korea?

Because he doesn't have Seoul?

Why is North Korea so heartless?

because they have no seoul

ahahahah.. please laugh

Did you hear about my friend from Australia studying abroad in Korea?

I guess you could say he’s my Seoul mate.

What would south korea do if the devil asked them for a sacrifice?

They would give him their seoul.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So, I've dating a really Sweet Korean girl...

I think she's my Seoul mate.

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A Korean man is wanted for questioning after his wife was found dead in their family home.

He is the Seoul suspect.

Why is North Korea evil?

Because it's Seoul-less! ;D

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

A North Korean man frequently sneaks to the South Korean capital to gamble for bakery goods for his family.

He is the seoul breadwinner

I'm thinking of opening a Carribean/Korean fusion restaurant

I can call it "Seoul Food"

Why couldn't Kim-Jong Un get into heaven?

Because he had no Seoul...

I saw on the TV that Godzilla recently attacked South Korea and thousands are dead!

Really Seoul-crushing news.

If you want to know why R&B music is not popular in North Korea...

...it's because they have no Seoul.

No wonder North Korea's so evil...

It's hard to be merciful if you have no Seoul

My friend invited me to a party in Korea

Didn’t know a Seoul

I'll be so demoralised if North Korea decides to invade South Korea...

It'd be Seoul destroying

I was watching the Korean remake of Blues Brothers

Yeah, my favourite part was when they do Seoul Man

The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea

Why is Kim Jong Un so evil? Because he has no Seoul. In fact, he made a Korea out of it.

Why was Kim Il Sung evil sometimes but not evil other times? He used to have a Seoul.

Why is all of the music made in North Korea just absolutely terrible?

They've got no Seoul.

Why did James Brown always tour in Asia?

He loved the Seoul train.

What do you call 'looking for a Korean'?

Seoul searching

North Korea has finished nuking the South, and there was one man left alive.

He was the Seoul survivor.

What's the difference between North Korea amd South Korea?

North Koreans have no Seoul.

Thought of this very early in the morning waiting to board a plane.

Why can't North Koreans find true love ?

Because they just can't find a Seoul-mate !

What did Shang Tsung say to the South Korean?

Your Seoul is mine

Did you guys hear about the scandal with the South Korean president?

She did the right thing and accepted Seoul responsibility.

Two South Koreans fell in love with each other...

you might say they found their Seoul mates

Why do so many blues musicians come from Korea?

Theres a lot of Seoul

Why don't north Koreans listen to funk?

Cos they've got no Seoul!

Thank you very much.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Food and Country

Yesterday I was so Hungary, I decided to Czech if there was any food.
I was Russian to the fridge, but found only a Turkey full of Greece.
Iran to the store to get some salt, pepper, Chile and Korea-nder, because I was in the mood for some Sweden sour.
I found Iraq of pork chops but there w...

If I went to the capitol of South Korea with my Australian girlfriend

Would that make her my Seoul-Mate?

After realizing that I was living a boring, directionless, and empty life, I went to South Korea..

to go Seoul searching.

Kim Jong Un recently banned the blues scale...

He hates Seoul music

A civilian has taken control of the capital of South Korea...

...he's got Seoul, but he's not a soldier.

So I took a vacation to a big city in South Korea...

... and I met this amazing girl. She was beautiful, and we had just about everything in common. 7 years after that vacation I can happily call her my wife. I think it's easy to say that we're Seoul mates.

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