Puns about the food served at Oktoberfest are the wurst.

Be wary of Oktoberfest

Brat farts are the wurst

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two men celebrating Oktoberfest walk into a bar....

They walk up to the bartender and both order a pint and a bratwurst. One of the men's phone rings and he answers. It's his wife on the line.

"Honey, I need to tell you, I cheated on you."

"What?!?!" the man yells, "With who??????"

There's indistinct mumbling from the other line,...

How do you get to Oktoberfest?

Follow the lederhosen.

A nuclear physicist is drinking at Oktoberfest...

He approaches the bar to and calls over a barman. The barman asks what he would like, and the physicist raises one finger and says,

"Ein Stein".

A few Americans got sick after they couldn’t hold their liquor in Germany...

One said to the other “man, Oktoberfest really brat out the wurst in us!”

Thanks u/prisonmikeymay for the suggestion.

How do you call stage diving at Oktoberfest?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Brewery managers go to a bar

In Münchens Oktoberfest, there was a meeting with international brewery managers. After the meeting they decided to go to have a drink at a local Bierstube, well known for their international selection of beers. Coronas head manager sat first on the bar and said:
- Por favor, Senor, could i ha...

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