What do you call a nocturnal bird that preys on bulges?

an OwOwl

Could you imagine the world if we all turned out to be nocturnal..

the difference is night and day.

A man sits next to a blonde on an airplane...

He says to the blonde, knowing he could outsmart her, “If I give you a question you cannot answer, you must pay me $10.”

“But if you give me a question I cannot answer, I will pay you $100.”

She agrees, and the man asks his question.

“What is the ninth digit of pi?”

She ...

What’s a nocturnal animal’s favorite school subject?


What do you call a nocturnal flying creature that's attracted to neon lights?

An urban moth

Just remember - An annoying song about a Lions nocturnal habits.....

.... is never more than ‘A Whim Away....’

I used to own a nocturnal horse...

She was a nightmare.

What do you call the underwear of someone experiencing nocturnal emissions?


I don't really know about the effects of nocturnal drinking

I'm just taking a shot in the dark.

What do you call an insane nocturnal blood-sucking parasite?

A lunartick.

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