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Last time I flew Malaysia Airlines, I didn't shower first.

I figured I could just wash up on the shore.

Anyone need a job?

I hear Malaysia Airlines is looking for people.

^im ^so ^sorry

Here's a pun: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

I'm sorry, that joke probably didn't land.

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

The Britain had just colonized Malaysia, three local criminals were caught and brought to the British Commander...

"They committed such deadly crimes, they should be beheaded!" The Lieutenant suggested the Commander.

Hearing that, the three criminals pleaded for their lives to the Commander.

The Commander agreed to let them live under one condition, which was to collect 10 fruits of same type.

Malaysia Airlines may get lost

but at least you'll never lose your seat.

Finally some good news for the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Their luggage has landed safely in Manchester.

A group of colleagues go for a night out after work in Singapore...

They join a queue for a nightclub and get chatting to the bouncer.

"So where are you lads from?"

One of the friends replies

"Well I'm from here in Singapore, but my friends are all visiting on business. Kwok and Hung are from Malaysia, Minh is from Vietnam, Liu is from Taiwan, G...

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

A Japanese tourist in Malaysia calls for a taxi to get to the airport

On the way, a Toyota overtakes the taxi on the road. The Japanese tourist sees this and says: โ€œWa! Toyota! Made in Japan, very fast!โ€

After this, a Mitsubishi flies by the little taxi. The Japanese tourist says: โ€œWa! Mitsubishi! Made in Japan, very fast!โ€

Then a Nissan passes by, and...

Donald Trump wants the white house painted!

Chinese guy quoted 3 million
European guy quoted 7 million
Malaysian guy quoted 10 million.

Trump asked Chinese guy how did you quote?

He said:
1 million for paint
1 million for labour
1 million profit.

He asked European?

He said :
3 million for paint...

Singapore Airlines are planning to start flights to nowhere

But I'm pretty sure Malaysia Airlines beat them to it

Translated Joke

Katie is 9 years old girl who grew up in a village , she like to wear her pretty little dress her mum made for her on her birthday .

One day when Katie was out playing , an unknown man challenge her to climb the coconut tree and pluck a coconut down for him for 20$ .

She accepted and c...

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