What really motivates people to work out in southeast asia?

Eye of the Thai girl.

I found out my date likes to dissect people from Southeast Asia.

I've since decided to cut Thais with her.

Contender for the worst pun ever (OC)

Meet Desmond. Desmond and his Father are pretty normal people, but they both have Podophobia, the irrational fear of feet.

One day, they both travel to do a tour of Southeast Asia and visit a family friend. As they’re walking about a city, Desmond see‘s a homeless person begging in shabby cl...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I was sitting on the subway across from this amazingly sexy Asian woman...

...we talked a bit, and after remarking on her accent, I found out she was from Thailand, visiting family in the US. I mentioned how I was always interested in Southeast Asia and wanted to visit there someday, which led to us chatting a bit more, about stuff like comparing food and weather and othe...

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