My girlfriend was telling me about an innuendo contest.

So I entered her.

I saw an ad for an innuendo competition in the newspaper.

So I entered my sister.

My coworker just found out she won’t be able to attend next week’s Innuendo Conference…

I guess I’ll have to fill her slot instead.

Always use innuendo

no matter how hard it gets

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I’m trying to give up on sexual innuendos…

…but it’s hard…soooooooo hard

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Welcome to the Sexual Innuendo Club.

Thank you all for coming..

I tried to stop making innuendos, but it was hard.

So. Hard.

What's an innuendo?

An Italian suppository.

(I can't be the only one who has thought of this one....)

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The creator of sexual innuendos just passed away

His wife is taking it really hard

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Wife just asked me to cut down on sexual innuendo

This is going to be hard, so very hard.

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My boss told be there would be a training seminar about sexual innuendo in the workplace and asked me to invite my secretary.

I left her a post it note saying if she couldn’t come I’d happily fill her slot for her.

I've done my best to quit making innuendos, but it's hard.

So. Hard.

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I'm trying to quit using sexual innuendo, but it's hard.

Just so hard...

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My New Year Resolution is to give up sexual innuendos;

Which is going to be extremely hard...

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If sexual innuendo becomes a crime,

How many people will go down?

A woman walks into a bar and orders a drink called "Innuendo".

So the barkeeper gives it to her.

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I was asked to come up with a list of 10 sexual innuendo...

But I accidentally came up with 11, so I had to rub one out.

The first rule of innuendo club:

come in the back door so you don't dirty up my front passage.

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I got in a shoot out with police for making cheap sexual innuendos.

They tried to arrest me, but I didn't cum quietly.

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My wife told me that I should stop turning everything into sexual innuendos and grow up...

I told her that's actually something I can get behind

There's an innuendo competition in town tonight.

I'm thinking of entering my wife.

I'm not a huge fan of innuendos.

But I do like to slip one in every now and then.


My girlfriend couldn't go to the annual innuendo congress, so I had to fill her slot.

I just won an innuendo competition!

I had to beat off some stiff competition though

I have to look up the word innuendo...

If you know what I mean ;)

Courtesy of Suits

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I speak four languages.

English, Sarcasm, Sexual Innuendo and Drunken Sailor.

I'm glad I'm good at making musical puns

Otherwise I'd have some pretty dim innuendos.

What does "suppository" mean in Italian?


This was from Benny Hill (RIP)

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