My New Year’s resolution is to start collecting highlighters

Mark my words!!

What did the textbook say to the highlighter?

Mark my words

What is a highlighter's favorite Twister position?

Knee on yellow.

What happens when a lighter smokes the joint instead of burning it?

Lighter becomes a highlighter.

I caught my young son sniffing a Disney highlighter.

It made him a little Goofy.

[Corny] What does a highlighter say when it answers the phone?


The CIA has suddenly realized they've been making a horrible mistake

They've been using black sharpie instead of yellow highlighter for years

What'd you call a marker that smokes weed?

A highlighter

What do you call a lighter that is only used for weed?

A highlighter

Edit: Or a Bud Light
Courtesy of u/isnottoast

What's a stoners favorite marker?

A Highlighter

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